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To start with I was fairly broke, I still had the bike and no idea what I was doing with the car, but my first show (Japfest 2, the Sketchy-ravaganza stand where I met you lovely people) loomed, so I put a couple of bits and bobs on just to try and fit in with my new more JDM mega dori friends.

First purchases to celebrate after selling the bike were to grab an R-Package front lip, then a drift button and some front towing eye replacements from Jass. One tow strap mount and one offset plate! I had also read that MX5s can often have trouble with high oil temps, especially when skidding, so on its first oil change I wired up an oil temperature gauge to keep an eye on it. I also filled in my Sweg line with some pinstripe tape, because I am the Sweggest

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Then it was Japfest 2, where I met all you lovely people! Now, nearly 3 years later, I’m finally sorting out my account properly (I am seriously the worst with forums and that)

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