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Of course, in the meantime as well, WE WENT DRIFTING! We’ve also been doing the Autosolo championship every year, and a couple of passenger demo days (Which are, without a doubt, my favourite thing to do! I just love the smiles on people’s faces when they climb out of the car after being flung around the track for a few laps)

This is just going to be a pic-heavy post, some flashback images from way back when to the last event of this season for your enjoyment. From Playpen Hero to Top Track Times, with a few Autosolos and shows thrown in for good measure (and a few ex-girlfriends!)

1507273_10152572362310954_6131614333682307540_o 10827885_10152572382575954_4716344156589526367_o 10866090_895497310514420_5536548292479076314_o 10887643_895502213847263_8832301874923095465_o 10984179_573529082788584_2110869249044241636_o 11001987_10155235585785402_2128228151_o

redmx5-1114-XL IMG_0374 IMG_0354 HistoricDemoAJP BA6E206411891193_1227441773936323_2925734270023953036_n 12087915_10153240207720954_4636665866818343170_o 12132422_10153240225905954_1553226533380624296_o

12194618_10153272637495954_8648987365596218282_o13227664_10153656986935954_5268949917202873826_o 13220519_10153656987495954_7759210345408869182_o 13116482_10153656986460954_7606381766771962722_o 12764587_10153471779960954_5720781595708804689_o 12640519_10153418989930954_5776732756147606502_o 12440789_10153471776785954_3770465151303134989_o


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