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The next thing on my long list of summer additions is to sort the seating. My stock seats have done well up to this point, but having had a go in a car with some proper buckets I now know I can’t put off getting a pair any longer. The support is just so much better and really does connect you to the car a whole lot more. While I can’t afford to grab a set myself just yet, Nick has kindly lent me the set from his old MX5 in the meantime.
They’re huge, tatty and smell of dog, but they were free so I can’t really complain! I will need to get my own though, as the 38″ waist doesn’t do a lot for my tiny child hips.

(On a side note, if anyone knows some small buckets for sale, please let me know!)14215521_10153907374300954_1419605287_o (1)

I also decided that a car running an intake with less than 20cm between the fuel injectors and the outside world, fabricated by a student in his early 20s is probably a fire hazard, so I picked up a small fire extinguisher to mount onto the roll bar. Guarded tirelessly by Toothless to prevent misuse, it’s just within easy arms reach for a quick exit should the need arise.
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