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So, the idea of me regularly updating the blog predictably flopped!
It’s been a busy 6 months for me back at Uni once again, and not too much has been done to the car save for some extra mapping, a few tweaks here and there and the odd sticker or two… I have been doing a bunch of design work for some new bits coming out soon and have some big plans to come!

A little update on the car though:
The nasty old red seats from the last entry got sold on to a friend of mine who is building an Jaguar S-Type track car (we went to the Nurburgring in it and it was HILARIOUS!) Meanwhile I got a lovely bucket from a friend of ours, Mr. Milton, and a harness to go with:


I also picked up some new skid rims to add to the growing tyre problem that is my back garden:

And added a couple of little details to the car. I am always struggling with my entry speeds and having the confidence to push harder, so I’m hoping this little message on the clocks will help things…

And I noticed that the odd-coloured air filter was continuously getting a lot of hate from people’s OCD tendencies, so I thought I’d decorate my little black sheep!

More on the engine to come soon, I promise! There’s a few little issues and bugs to iron out. It runs and drives fine but the setup isn’t 100% as good as I’d like it to be, and that still needs fixing. I have a catch can setup that still needs sorting as I can’t get the car to idle nicely with it. I also have some more work to do tidying up the filters. Watch this space!
So while the car hasn’t seen a great deal of changes… of course, there’s always this going on:

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