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So if you’ve read Part 1, you’ll know I have some pretty strong and picky opinions about MX-5 style, and the bodykit offerings out there. You’ll also know that I picked up the front and sides of a Duce kit for silly cheap from a friend of mine!
Now, I’d been thinking about this for a long time, but I always said to myself that the car needed to have the power to back up a kit like this. It needed to be turbocharged or engine swapped, with the grunt to match the aggression of the kit.
WELL BOLLOCKS TO THAT. I got the kit, there’s no way in hell I’m not putting it on!

So we ripped on over to pick this kit up and suddenly the work needed to start RIGHT NOW.


We got it back and I did a little test fit, and suddenly it set in how excited I was to get this kit fitted to the car. It was a little damaged, with a crack in the front bumper and a piece broken off of the skirt, and needed some alterations of my tow hook and plate mount to fit, but I fell in love straight away.

So Craig volunteered his hands and we got started. The first task was glassing and filling the damage to make it feel like a brand new kit again


With the existing damage sorted, that gave the bumper a new lease of life, ready for me to do my own job of smashing it into little pieces instead 😀 Then, it was priming time. I got some Hycote Red Plastic Primer to help the final colour, and Craig set about covering every little inch. Thankfully there’s plenty of tyres lying round here for painting on! All in all we went through about 3 1/2 cans of primer, but the results were fantastic. Thank you so much to Craig!

Once the primer was all finished, I was absolutely astonished and couldn’t be happier. It wasn’t even properly red yet, but already I couldn’t stop smiling! The finish was fantastic, and I wanted to throw it on the car straight away and start parading around town…


Of course, once the primer was dry it was absolutely critical that we take the finished kit for a ‘test drive’ in the garden.
This smile didn’t go away for a few hours after this was taken.


Once the primer had sat for a couple of days, I braved another test fit on the car and wow…! I can almost see the finished result now. Next up, it’s time for paint… As a side note, do you think the car looks like King Leonidas with the current bumper poking out from behind the Duce? haha

Part 3: https://vyvian.combustionpunks.co.uk/2017/05/06/getting-kitted-up-part-3-execution/

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